Vine ripe tomatoes: what makes them taste so good?

Colby Jones from Durbin Farms Market in Clanton Alabama tells us about why they love having vine ripened tomatoes and what makes them taste so much better than tomatoes bought from a grocery store!

If you’ve ever tried shopping for a good tasting tomato at a big box grocery store, you know it’s almost an impossible task. It seems like most tomatoes you get at the grocery store are slightly pinkish in color are too firm and are devoid of flavor. Luckily, you can still find great tasting vine ripe tomatoes at Durbin Farms Market!

Vine ripe tomatoes

vine ripe tomatoes

The tomatoes on the vine at Durbin Farms Market come fresh from the field straight to the market. The tomatoes at Durbin Farms Market aren’t picked before they’re mature, they’ve been left to ripen on the vine in the fields. This extra time in the field gives vine ripe tomatoes more nutrients and a whole lot more flavor!

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