Unicorn-shaped macaroni and cheese is a thing – here’s how to try it

There are few things in life better than macaroni and cheese. The heavenly concoction is one of the best gifts to ever grace humanity, and to our corporate overlords, we say: “Thank you!” And another one of those corporate masters, Kraft, has brought us another unique take on the macaroni and cheese that we’ve come to love so dearly. This latest offering brings us macaroni and cheese in the shape of unicorns. 

If that alone doesn’t sell you on the tasty goods, then we don’t know what will. But for the sake of conversation, we’ll continue.

You can pick up a box of the new unicorn-themed macaroni and cheese at big box stores like Target and Walmart. Given that it’s a Kraft product. It’s something that you’ll be able to grab very nearly anywhere, though.

While most unicorn-themed foods will opt to try and throw a whole bunch of different colors into the mix, this one just focuses on the shapes. Kraft’s “Unicorn Shapes’ formula sticks to the basics, bringing you instead the shape of rainbows. You’ll also find stars, and – as we’ve mentioned – unicorns.

And I think we can all agree: macaroni and cheese simply tastes better when they’re shaped. I can’t explain it. You can’t explain it. And maybe that’s just how it should be.

The Unicorn Shapes macaroni and cheese – like most other Kraft products – contains no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives. Just bring water, butter and milk to a quick 15-minute cooking process and you’re good to go.