This “BTS Chicken McNugget” just sold for almost $100,000

Sure, you SAY that you are the number one fan of BTS, the Korean pop group with over 20 worldwide number one hits. You may have the limited-edition records, the signed photos, the locks of their hair…but do you own the BTS Chicken McNugget that looks like a video game character?

The backstory: McDonald’s started offering a “BTS Meal”, available now through June 20th. The meal is a 10-piece McNugget box, fries and Coke. What makes it a “BTS Meal”? It comes with “Korean inspired” Cajun or Sweet Chili sauces! (See? NOW you will feel like a millionaire pop star with great cheekbones when you eat it!)

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Some lucky McDonald’s patron in Draper, Utah ordered a BTS meal that happened to contain a mutant McNugget with two little nubs. Turn it a certain way, and it resembles a sprite from the massively popular online game Among Us.

In a collision of pop-culture worlds that only come along once in a millennia, this exceptional McNugget was put on eBay for the highest bidder. And it recently sold, with 184 bids, with the price tag of…$99,997.

Sure, the winning bidder may only be getting a hunk of chicken glob that got stuck in the McNugget machine a little too long. But did we mention it also sold with a packet of the Szechuan sauce that the internet lost its mind over in 2018?


Post expires at 11:00am on Wednesday August 4th, 2021