There’s a Pickle Hard Seltzer Out There

The hard seltzer craze continues to grow. Now spirit maker Crook & Marker teamed up with beverage holder maker Brümate and will release a Hard Pickle Seltzer soon. Called “Afternoon Dill’ight,” this alcoholic dill pickle flavored sparkling beverage will soon hit the market as a limited edition. Right now you can sign up to keep up-to-date and get early access when they seltzer cans drop at the Crook’dBrü website. (While you visit the site, play the whack-a-pickle game.)

Only 120,000 cans will be produced and 12 cans come in a case this summer. The beverage contains 5% alcohol by volume. To keep it cold and refreshing, they suggest keeping it in a Brümate Hopsulator Slim drink holder. Would you try this? We think it would go quite well with a bacon cheeseburger right off the grill.

Pickle Hard Seltzer

While you hard seltzer fans have to wait for the pickle goodness to arrive, beer lovers in Texas already enjoy this Sour Pickle Beer. You still might be able to find some Tangy Pickle Doritos on a few store shelves still as well.

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