The Cincy Weekend Guide To: Montgomery

Just by walking down Montgomery Road you could have like 7 great meals, watch a comedy show at one of the best comedy clubs in the country and end the night at one of the most fun bars in Cincinnati. To us, Montgomery is one of the best Tri-State suburbs for great food and nightlife. You might notice that every single place on this list is right on Montgomery road, and that's a good thing. I mean, who doesn't love a nighttime stroll down the road with the white, year-round Christmas lights above you?

While you're in Montgomery, you should...

See a show at Go Bananas Comedy Club

Think about this for a second: one of the best comedy clubs in America, having hosted names like Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle, Mitch Hedberg and more, is sitting behind a car dealership in Montgomery right now.

Go Bananas is everything a comedy club should be, booking consistently great comics and showcasing them in a cool, intimate room. On the weekends you’ll find some of the biggest names in comedy, but we also recommend stopping by on a Wednesday for Pro-Am night where you can see some of the best local comedians Cincy has to offer.

There’s so much more to the story of Go Bananas, so you should probably watch our feature on the club and it’s history.

Location: 8410 Market Pl Ln, Montgomery

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Be a true Cincinnatian at The Original Montgomery Inn

If there was a Cincinnati version of Mt. Rushmore, it undoubtedly would have to include that little man with the crown and cigar we all know as “The Ribs King.” Montgomery Inn is a BBQ staple in Cincinnati, so what better place to enjoy it than the namesake location? We all know about the hype of the ribs, but don’t sleep on the saratoga chips that come with them.

Location: 9440 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery.

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Savor a meal at Bones' Burgers

If you walk up to a stranger on Montgomery road and ask them where to get a burger, they’ll probably point you towards Bones’. The burgers here are not only deliciously simple but also made with grass fed beef so you can feel good about what you’re eating (yeah, we know it’s a big greasy burger, but live a little, ok?)

Location: 9721 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery.

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Grab a drink at the Village Tavern

Every town needs a “neighborhood” bar, usually a place where you can find cheap drinks, a lack of pretension and good people. In Montgomery, that’s The Village Tavern, boasting the best of both worlds: a chill, quiet crowd in the early evening and a lively, fun and energetic atmosphere at night. They also have a great monthly comedy showcase right in the heart of the bar that’s worth checking out.

Location: 9390 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery

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Indulge at The Pacific Kitchen

To be a real hidden gem, you have to be, well, a little hidden right? Cue The Pacific Kitchen, who sits in the same lot as Go Bananas. However, their food is no joke (sorry, we know the pun was bad but it was way too easy).

To start, we love the chicken potstickers and duck wings as an appetizer. After that, if you’re there on the weekend you can’t pass up the Dim Sum. The Pacific Cornish Hen is also a dream, but then again, everything on the menu is a dream.

Location: 8300 Market Pl Ln, Montgomery.

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Grab a cone at Walker Bros. Ice Cream

It wouldn’t be a true Tri-State neighborhood without a walk up ice cream shop. In Montgomery, you’ve gotta stop by Walker Bros. Ice Cream. Not only do they have delicious ice cream and classic offerings you know and love, it’s super kid friendly and perfect for families. I mean, the name even comes from the owner’s 4 sons who just love ice cream and summer that much.

Location: 9425 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery

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Get lunch at Fond

It’s no secret that we’ve got a soft spot for delis. With that in mind, Fond: Lunch and Deli is one of the best around. There’s pretty much something for everyone here: an array of fantastic sandwiches (often featuring locally sourced ingredients), homemade hummus that everyone raves about and even some soul satisfying tacos. The menu is big and always has new items coming and going so we recommend going with one of the specials of the day or “The Urban Sombrero.”

Location: 10764 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery

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Satisfy your gyro craving at the European Cafe

In a city like Cincinnati, where our most recognizable dish spawned from Greek cuisine, it can be a little daunting to track down all the other great Greek restaurants around. For us, the European Cafe should be near the top of that list. If you’ve never been, you’ve gotta start with the gyro or Greek salad. After that, we recommend stopping by for breakfast to try their great omelettes. Freshly remodeled, the European Cafe is small, friendly and perfect for Saturday afternoon lunch.

Location: 9450 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery

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Best Cincinnati Pizza

Get a slice (or two) at Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta

If you’re faithful to a New York style pie (calm down Chicago style fans, we promise, your day will come), simply put, this is what it should taste like. Brooklyn Pizza is dishing out slices just like some of the great spots in NYC. Keep it simple. Get a plain cheese or pepperoni slice with a big soda and probably, no, definitely a cannoli.

Location: 9797 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery

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