The Cincy Weekend Guide To: Hyde Park

With a reputation as one of Cincinnati's most refined and exclusive neighborhoods, it can be easy to think of Hyde Park as this secret, inaccessible place. We're here to tell you that's totally wrong. Classic diners, stargazing spots, really good pasta and friendly coffee shops are just a small part of what makes this neighborhood so great.

While you're in Hyde Park, you should...

The Echo
The Echo Restaurant (Facebook)

Head to the Echo for breakfast

When you want breakfast in Hyde Park, you go to the Echo. Whether it’s a Saturday morning family outing or a Friday afternoon quest for a hangover cure after you called in sick to work, this place will satisfy any craving. We love the Oktoberfest omelette and about 7 cups of coffee.

The Echo Restaurant, 3510 Edwards Rd, Hyde Park.

Coffee Emporium
Coffee Emporium - Hyde Park (Facebook)

Take a minute to relax at Coffee Emporium

With scones on the counter, a wall of fine teas and plenty of locally roasted coffee on tap, going to Coffee Emporium in Hyde Park feels like you’re stopping by a friends house to hang for a bit. Probably because it’s literally inside an adorable green house on the corner of Erie and Victoria. In the summer, there’s nothing better than an iced coffee on the patio. When winter hits, you’ll find us warming up in the upstairs room. With friendly people behind the counter and renovations underway, we can’t wait to see how this location expands.

Coffee Emporium, 3316 Erie Ave, Hyde Park.

Mushroom House
The Mushroom House in Hyde Park (Facebook)

Marvel at the Mushroom House

When you leave Coffee Emporium, you’ll notice something across the street. “Is that a house that looks like it’d be in a Cincinnati reboot of Alice in Wonderland?” Yes, that’s the Mushroom House. The story goes, a local architect allowed his students from DAAP to redesign one of his properties. The result was an adorably whimsical home inspired by nature, full of colored glass, twisting metal, seashells and plenty of wood. You can’t go inside, but it’s definitely worth walking by to see one of the most unique homes in Cincinnati.

The Mushroom House, 3518 Tarpis Ave, Hyde Park. 

Arthur's Cafe
Arthur's Burger (Facebook)

Experience "Burger Madness" at Arthur's

When it comes to burgers, Hyde Park is like Disney World. And if that oddly specific analogy is true, Arthur’s is like Epcot, celebrating the burger as man’s greatest achievement. Stop on a Monday for “burger madness” where $9 gets you as many toppings as you want at no extra charge (gourmet toppings excluded.) Just don’t blame them if you can’t tame it after you add, like, 10 toppings. Pair it with fries and a local beer and you’ll realize why this place has been a local favorite for decades.

Arthur’s Cafe, 3516 Edwards Rd, Hyde Park

Cincinnati Observatory
Eclipse slide at the Cincinnati Observatory

Expand your mind at the Cincinnati Observatory

Making your first trip to the Cincinnati Observatory is like watching the first episode of a really good, underrated show. “Why aren’t more people talking about this!?” is the thought you’ll have almost immediately. It’s packed with history, vintage space photo slides, even a telescope from 1843 that you can look through! Take advantage of this unique spot by stargazing at one of their many events.

The Cincinnati Observatory, 3489 Observatory Pl, Hyde Park.

Carl's Deli
The friendly staff at Carl's Deli (Facebook)

Grab lunch at Carl's Deli

The fine folks at Carl’s Deli are doing the classics right. Hand cut meats, a massive menu of sandwiches, bottles of pop and ice cream for sale at the end of the counter and so much more. We could go on forever about how Carl’s is basically a cute, sandwich purveying time machine full of nice people, but you’ve just gotta experience it for yourself. Get the Carl’s Reuben and your dreams will come true (maybe).

Carl’s Deli, 2836 Observatory Ave, Hyde Park.

Cincy Shirts
The swag wall at Cincy Shirts (Facebook)

Rep your city at Cincy Shirts

From Fiona tees to Game of Thrones inspired Bengals shirts and everything in between, it’s pretty clear that the Queen City is obsessed with Cincy Shirts. I mean, how could you not be in love with a company that transposed a cheese coney onto the Led Zeppelin I cover?  The Hyde Park location is pretty much perfect for finding a sweet gift when you’re in a crunch, or for redoing your entire wardrobe in one afternoon. If you <3 Cincy, and you wanna show it, go here.

Cincy Shirts, 2709 Observatory Ave, Hyde Park.

Beautiful bolognese at Forno Osteria + Bar (Facebook)

Satisfy your pasta craving at Forno

Seriously good, rustic, and totally approachable Italian food is waiting for you inside Forno. Like many other spots on this list, it’s perfect for pretty much any occasion like date night, dinner with friends, basically, any event where you want really good food. If it’s your first time, you’ve gotta try one of the pasta dishes like the Gorgonzola Tortelloni or the Spaghettini Arrabbiata. But personally, we love Bolo Tuesdays where $12 gets you some pasta with bolognese sauce, bread and a salad at the bar. When it comes to “bang for your buck”, Forno might be at the top of the list.

Forno Osteria + Bar, 3514 Erie Ave, Hyde Park.

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