The Cincy Weekend Guide To: Bellevue

The beauty of the river, the supreme walkability, the dozens and dozens of great family businesses lining Fairfield avenue. Yes, Bellevue is quietly one of the most charming places in the Tri-State. We're giving it the Cincy Weekend treatment, showing off everything great about this Kentucky neighborhood right along the Ohio riverbank.

While you're in Bellevue, you should...

Grab a pint at Darkness Brewing

If you’re looking for some unique beers in one of the coolest taprooms in the Tri-State, let us introduce you to Darkness Brewing. Since opening last year they’ve quickly gotten a reputation for brewing really good dark beers (we’ll take a “Man on the Moo” any day.) But don’t think they’re a one trick pony. They also do a great job at having a wide variety of brews always on tap to satisfy everyone from serious hop heads to casual drinkers with plenty of really interesting beers in between. On top of all that, it’s posted up right on the super walkable Fairfield Avenue, often with cool events and food trucks outside. If you haven’t been, go grab a pint and enjoy the neighborhood.

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Get brunch at Bellevue Bistro

Next time you’re taking some friends out (or just trying to recover from the party last night) you’ve gotta get brunch at Bellevue Bistro. This cozy and quirky little restaurant is dishing up seriously good eats. If you’re a first timer, you’ve gotta get one of the breakfast bakes. Built on a base of perfectly seasoned potatoes with a couple eggs, you can try this hearty brunch option in an array of styles from Mediterranean to Hawaiian and everything in between. But before that you’ve gotta order the Vincent Vega, a vanilla Coke hit with a shot of espresso and served over ice. Try Bellevue Bistro once and it could very well be your new favorite brunch spot.

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Enjoy an "Ice Ball" at Schneider's Sweet Shop

The fine folks at Schneider’s Sweet Shop have been perfecting their delicious treats for nearly 80 years now, so you can be safe knowing that whatever you get there is gonna be seriously delicious. As we head into Summer, that includes the crazy popular “Ice Ball.” Ask any Bellevue native, and they’ll tell you about it’s glory. Half snow cone, half homemade ice cream and blasted with whatever flavor you could imagine. Yeah, it’s pretty much the perfect end to a warm night. While you’re there, buy some candy too. You won’t regret it.

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Find you favorite album at Torn Light Records

We’re lucky to live in a city with a lot of great record stores. There’s nothing better than just killing some time and flipping through records at your favorite shop. For us, one of those spots is Torn Light. Another place right on the main drag of Fairfield Avenue, this place always has hidden gems inside spanning across pretty much all genres of music. If you’re a serious collector or just someone getting back into vinyl, you’ve gotta stop in and see this cool little storefront. They’ve also got plenty of merch, cd’s, tapes and even some audio gear to get you off the ground if you wanna get into the mad, expensive and seriously satisfying world of vinyl.

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Get some supplies at The Party Source

Listen, we know you probably don’t need us to tell you how awesome the Party Source is. I mean, it’s a wonderland filled with endless craft beer and spirits that will make you the ultimate party champion. If for some reason you’ve never been to this Bellevue fortress, you’ve gotta go explore. There’s pretty much something for everyone here and if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of bourbon or beer, this is a great place to start.

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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Mama C's Bakery

Another great place to satisfy that sweet tooth, Mama C’s Bakery is the perfect spot to hit up on your way to a party. They’ve got cupcakes, donuts, and even custom cakes (call ahead) for any event. They’re all made in house and the glowing reviews won’t stop flowing. Check out their Facebook page to see all the crazy beautiful creations they’re making every day.

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Enjoy some great bar food at The Elusive Cow Cafe

Nachos, wings, burgers, soup… the list of delicious bar style food goes on and on at the Elusive Cow Cafe. This is the perfect destination for an easy, relaxed night out where you can get some good beer and good bites in a cozy environment. If you’re in Bellevue, maybe looking to hang out for a while and watch the game, we can’t think of a better place to do it. We’re sure you’ll have no problem finding the sign either.

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Stop for lunch at The Pretzel Place

If you’re an avid reader of our neighborhood guides, you know we NEVER pass up a good sandwich. That’s where the Pretzel Place comes in. In addition to getting their delicious buttery pretzels on their own, you’ve gotta try one of their sandwiches. They come in a variety of options, including the fan favorite “Spicy Italian” and even some limited runs like their pulled pork sandwich.  Next time you’re craving a nice soft pretzel don’t go to the mall for another mass made version, stop in at the Pretzel Place and see what everyone is talking about.

Wanna see how they’re made? Check out our feature. 

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Take a walk through Bellevue Beach Park

When the weather is nice, there’s no better place in Bellevue to enjoy a beautiful day. With a spectacular view of the city from the banks of our great Ohio River, Bellevue Beach Park really needs no explanation. They’ve often got great events going on there, so take a walk there sometime and enjoy the peace.

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Keep an eye out for our next neighborhood guide, coming soon!