‘Reading Rainbow’ star LeVar Burton is going to read to us because we need it.

This year is off to an unsettling start to say the least. People are dying every day from the coronavirus. Unemployment claims are on the rise in record numbers not seen since The Great Depression. Terms like “social distancing” and “flatten the curve” are now thrown around in casual conversation.

Yet, despite all the terrible news, there’s been a ton of positivity and joy to keep us going. Folks are putting teddy bears in their windows as makeshift scavenger hunts for children. Communities are coming together to help those in need.

And now, one man with a soothing voice and a love of books is doing his part to bring a little light in the world.

The former Star Trek and Reading Rainbow star announced he’s taking the premise of his podcast and bringing it to social media to give fans a brief escape from the times while listening to his signature voice read some of our favorite stories.

He also announced three separate livestreams geared towards fans of all ages. It all kicks off Friday, April 3, at 9pm ET which is for adult readers. From there, Mondays are slated for children, while Wednesdays are reserved for young adult fans.


Details are still scarce right now. There’s no word yet on how long the series will run or what books are set to be read. We do know popular author and LeVar Burton favorite Neil Gaiman as well as book publisher HarperCollins have granted permission for their stories to be used.

If you’re unfamiliar, Reading Rainbow was a children’s TV series that ran on PBS from 1983-2006 that recommended books for kids and encouraged them to read. The show was and still is incredibly popular and is the third-longest children’s series in PBS history behind Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

So if you’re a fan of Reading Rainbow, hopefully this news brings back fond childhood memories. And if you find yourself a parent now, maybe this gives you an opportunity to create new memories with your little one in these trying times.

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