Pets hate fireworks: Here’s how to keep them comfortable this 4th of July

Keep your pet as comfortable as possible!

The 4th of July could be one of the scariest nights of the year for your pets.

We spoke with Amanda Coburn at the Vanderburgh Human Society about some safety tips for your pets this 4th of July. Amanda said the weeks that surround the 4th of July are some of the biggest weeks to lose your pets because of the loud noises from fireworks.

Along with the tips in the video above, Amanda mentioned some other really simple things you can do to help your pet.

  1. Close all windows and doors to keep the noise to a minimum.
  2. If your pet has a crate, put a blanket over it to create a safe space your pet can retreat to if they need it.
  3. Leave your pets at home when you go to a fireworks show. Even if your pet seemingly handles the fireworks well, they can still be easily scared.

These safety tips for your pets are helpful the weeks before and after the 4th of July as many cities and towns allow for fireworks multiple nights surround the holiday. You and your pet have no control over when someone down the street is celebrating Independence Day!

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