New Starbucks coffee creamers coming in August: 3 flavors to enjoy

Starbucks coffee creamers are on the way!

The coffee giant and Nestlé are making it easier for you to recreate your favorite Starbucks beverage at home — or at least get pretty close!

They will be available in three different flavors: Caramel, White Chocolate, and Cinnamon Dolce.


Photo: Starbucks

If you like Caramel Macchiatos, White Chocolate Mochas, and/or Cinnamon Dolce Latte…you’re in luck!

As a matter of fact, the creamers will make your coffee taste very similar to what you get at the coffee shop!

Because we realize not everyone visits the coffee giant, we’ll give you a little description of each flavor.


Okay, so maybe caramel is pretty self-explanatory. It is sweet and buttery with hints of vanilla flavor.

White Chocolate

This coffee addition promises to be rich and creamy thanks to that white chocolate flavor.

Cinnamon Dolce

Cinnamon dolce is made especially for those who enjoy the flavors of a cinnamon streusel. It is sweet and smooth.

Where to get Starbucks coffee creamers

They will be available in Target, Walmart, and Amazon along with other grocery stores and online retailers starting in August 2019.

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