New Fifty West Brewing Company brewery coming to Chillicothe

Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company is expanding.

The company will add a new brewpub on Route 50 in the heart of downtown Chillicothe at 1 N. Paint Street.

The grand opening is slated for late 2019, early 2020.

“We had a dream that one day we could expand the Fifty West experience. This brewpub is the next step in bringing that vision to life,” said Bobby Slattery,  managing partner of Fifty West Brewing Company.

The build out is estimated to cost around 2 million dollars and will provide up to 30 new jobs for the area.

“We look forward to the brewpub on North Paint Street creating jobs, spurring continued economic development and revitalization downtown, and serving as a wonderful business for our residents to enjoy for years to come,” said Luke Feeney, Mayor of Chillicothe.

“Chillicothe is a city rich in people and history, with many parallels to our core values including access to trails, rivers and parks. We could not be more thrilled to be a part of this revitalization,” said Slattery.

Fifty West Brewing Company first opened its doors in Cincinnati in November 2012.