Legalize It! Lemonade, That Is

If you’re a kid hoping to squander your youth doing what adults complain about non-stop, you’re in luck.

Country Time Lemonade wants to make it easier for you to skip childhood and launch straight into the realm of the beleaguered entrepreneur.

The Legal-Ade program is Country Time’s new initiative to pay permit fees and fines that one may incur when operating a lemonade stand. As of now, only 15 states allow for impromptu street corner lemonade stands. That means for the rest of the country—including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana—our youth are breaking the law. To be fair, it’s in what appears to be the most wholesome way possible.

Typically, it’s local and municipal governments that are sticklers for the rules about turning in the paperwork they don’t want to file anyway. Hopefully you’ll never see U.S. Marshals lead a raid on Timmy & Sue’s 50¢ refreshment table. However, local enforcers working with (outdated) local bylaws means its within your power to make a change.

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That’s right; not only will they help parents cover set up costs, but Country Time also provides you with the means necessary to write to local officials and change the laws to “legalize lemonade.” Lemonade is, of course, already legal, so don’t throw out your Arnold Palmer in fear of becoming an outlaw. But with some free-to-print yard signs and an instructional video, they hope to break down the bureaucratic barriers to operating a stand.

So no matter the social maturity, there’s something for every child here. The rebellious ones can take solace in the fact that they’re still breaking the law. The more responsible ones can enter the daunting world of owning and operating a business in their formative years. And the ones who are just happy to be kids can be kids and do kid stuff outside in the summer.

From Country Time Lemonade via website

After all, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Just check first to check your criminal status thereafter.


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