KitKat ice cream drumsticks are the perfect excuse to buy a second freezer!

Are you ready to break off a piece of that KitKat…cone? That’s right, KitKat is bringing its delicious chocolate wafer candy bar flavors to the world of frozen treats with the addition of the KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks! The folks over at SnackGator actually spotted the new drumsticks in the wild at a Kroger grocery store. Hopefully that means they’ll be making an appearance at a Publix near you soon! I don’t care how cold it is outside, I’d always be down for one of these KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks!

KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks

This take on the traditional ‘drumstick’ style ice cream cone is taken to the next level by infusing KitKat pieces into the classic cone, chocolate shell and fudge center that we already know and love! As if you needed another reason to try and avoid the ice cream isle, along comes this frozen candy bar combo that’s virtually guaranteed to ruin any New Year’s Resolutions that might have survived this far into the year.

KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks

If you spot any of these KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks in the wild around Birmingham be sure to let us know on the Magic City Weekend Facebook page or shoot us an email at!

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