HAUNTED! Historic jail museum swarming with paranormal activity

This old jail museum in Illinois might be the most haunted!

This jail museum is creepy!

There is no denying the weird feeling you get when you step into the lower cell block of the Franklin County Historic Jail in Illinois.

After operating for about 85 years, the jail is now preserved as a museum for anyone to visit.

Paranormal investigators regularly stop here because it’s been dubbed as the most haunted jail museum.

Posted by Charlie Birger on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The investigators often use electronic gadgets, cameras and more. The public is often invited to take part in the “haunts.”

You’ll also get the chance to see parts of the old jail that aren’t normally open to the public.

Stop by the Jail Museum for more information.

What’s so special about this jail museum?

Famed bootlegger and gang leader Charlie Birger served time in the Franklin County Jail.

He was hanged at the jail in Benton, Illinois.

In fact, Birger was the last person to be executed by public hanging in the state.

Evidently, some investigators claim to have seen his ghost hanging from the gallows just outside the lower cell block.

Bill Owens, a volunteer at the jail, gave Heartland Weekend an insiders look at what makes this attraction worthy of a visit.

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