Friendly Mayors’ Soccer Wager Ends With Ice Cream for All

Graeter’s Ice Cream is preparing to send loads of ice cream to two area food pantries, Mid-Ohio Foodbank AND Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank. The shipment is intended to settle a friendly bet between two mayors with a pay-off that ensures both cities come out as winners.

Last week, a friendly wager was made by Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther – both betting that their city’s soccer team would win in last Saturday’s matchup. The wager:  If FC Cincinnati won, Ginther was to send Jeni’s gourmet ice cream to Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank. If the Columbus Crew won, Cranley was to send Graeter’s Craft Ice Cream to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

“The game was a tie last evening (Saturday)… nobody lost and therefore, EVERYONE wins!  We are thrilled to send ice cream to the MidOhio Foodbank and the Freestore Foodbank… sending Graeter’s Craft Ice Cream for families in need,” shared Rich Graeter, President of Graeter’s Ice Cream. “We’ve been a part of central Ohio families’ lives since 1989 – and of Cincinnati families’ lives since 1870. In as much, we consider Graeter’s an integral part of both Cincinnati and Columbus and we’re excited to celebrate these great teams.”

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