French’s Mustard releasing a Mustard Ice Cream for National Mustard Day

Saturday, August 3 is National Mustard Day, and to celebrate, French’s Mustard decided to team up with an ice cream shop in Culver City, California, to create a one-of-a-kind frozen treat — Mustard ice cream. We have some questions.

Is it tangy? Can I spread it on a sandwich? Will it go on a corndog? Can we have a pretzel cone? Are pretzel cones a thing? If they’re not, they should be.
(Edit: I had to look, they’re totally a thing. Someone always beats me to the punch.)

Yes, if you’re a huge mustard fan, you’re going to have to head all the way out to NYC or LA if you want to try mustard ice cream. But I guess if you love mustard, it’s a trip you need to make.  If you happen to make the journey, be sure to let us know what it tastes like.

However, if flying across the country for ice cream isn’t your thing (I don’t blame you), French’s created a recipe video for you. And pretzel toppings are included!

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