Find out if you made Santa’s naughty or nice list

Written by Mykal Vincent (WAFB).

He’s made the list, now you can check it an infinite number of times. The “North Pole Government” has put together a 2019 Naughty and Nice list.

So, were you naughty or nice this year?

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The list is available on the website It looks like the Department of Christmas Affairs and the North Pole Government set up a website where you can check to see if you’ve made either list, dispute your name’s positioning, and learn how to appropriately handle and care for reindeer.

“The Department of Christmas Affairs uses the Global Behaviour Tracking Network and data mining technology to determine who will be in good favour come Christmas,” the website says.

As of Thursday morning, over 3,000 names populate the list, split almost perfectly down the middle between naughty and nice names.

Can’t find your name on the list? Well, submit it for review. Then, make sure your home is Christmas ready by providing the perfect ratio of milk and cookies.

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