Cincinnati: Our Culture – Our Community – Skyline Chili

Few icons scream 'CINCINNATI!' louder than Cincinnati-style chili. Here is the story of Dennis and Robin Kurlas, keeping the tradition and generational legacy of Skyline Chili alive... and tasty.

As a pre-teen Dennis was working the steam-table in his parents’ Hamilton, OH Skyline Chili, and Robin was fantasizing about an adulthood of unbridled culinary freedom. Specifically, the freedom to eat Skyline Chili… anytime she pleased.

Today they are living their best lives, owners of multiple Skyline Chili restaurants, and sincerely dedicated to their community. The Community that supported them every step of the way as they rebuilt their Fairfield location, which had been lost to a devastating fire in 2018.

In this Cincy Weekend video we meet these two awesome locals, and indulge in unabashedly gratuitous slo-mo close-ups of cheese coneys, 3-ways, 4-ways, and 5-ways. Enjoy!

Click here to drool… and find your nearest location.

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