Cincinnati named No. 4 city for beer drinkers in the country

The Queen City just made a new “best of” beer list that will have you raising a pint in pride because of Cincinnati’s wealth of breweries.

According to, Cincinnati ranks as fourth in the nation when it comes to “best U.S. cities for beer drinkers.”

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The site caught up with the times and found that Cincinnati offers “a wide variety of beers to choose from.” states that the average brewery in the Queen City has produced nearly 100 different beers. [That’s something we can vouch for.]

Beer City USA

The site follows that up saying that the Queen City is home to 25 different breweries. That puts Cincinnati as the 14th-highest in that metric.

However, we would take issue with that scoring. By our count, the Greater Cincinnati area has more than 60 breweries either currently serving beer or about to open.

To compound those metrics further, said the 25 breweries in their count equates to 8.3 per 100,000 residents. To which they quip, “that may leave local beer drinkers with sobering lines to get into their favorite brewpubs.”

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Consider us not amused There is a wealth of excellent breweries for every Cincinnatian to sample according to their tastes. [We’ve got a complete list here.]

Affordable Pints

That said, it is nice to be recognized. We even made it into the Top 5 cities in the nation. Cleveland only came in at ninth, so we’ve got that going for us.

Another item of note, the site claims that the average price for a pint in Cincinnati is $4.75 — making the Queen City one of the most affordable options.

For the full details on the study, including their methodology, click here.


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