Chef Stories: Ryan Santos of “Please”

After years of pop up dinners, a local chef earns a place of his own.

For Chef Ryan Santos, a love of food manifested itself in the early 2000s during his time as a graphic design major at UC. He learned to cook from scratch. He got a job in a kitchen with basically no experience. He traveled the world to learn more. And after years of successful pop up dinners here in Cincinnati, he’s finally got a place of his own.

We went to “Please” in Over-the-Rhine to get the story behind one of the city’s newest and most talked about restaurants. That’s where you’ll find dishes rooted in the community with inspiration that comes from all over the world, served in a space that exists in the perfect middle ground between fine and casual dining. With à la carte options or the full four course tasting menu (highly recommended), it’s food that’s highly creative but still undeniably delicious.

To learn how it all came to be we present the first installment of our new series, “Chef Stories.”

Learn more about Chef Ryan Santos and “Please”

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