Break me off a piece of this new Kit Kat bar flavor!

Calling all mint + chocolate lovers!! The minty chocolate wafer you’ve all been waiting for is here (almost)!

Kit Kat is introducing a new flavor to their permanent flavor family. Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate will be the first permanent flavor in nearly a decade!

kit kat mint chocolate flavor
Credit: Kit Kat

On the Hershey company’s website, they describe the new creation as “A mint crème on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding light and crispy wafers.”

The good news: All you chocolate/mint lovers will be able to call this your new favorite candy bar because once it is released, it will become a permanent member of the Kit Kat fam.

The bad news: It won’t be hitting the shelves until December 2019!

So, hold tight and get ready to stuff your stockings with a mint + dark chocolate duo!

P.S. If this duo isn’t adventurous enough for you, just head to Japan! It may sound outrageous, but not as outrageous as some of the Japanese flavors like strawberry cheesecake, wasabi and matcha tea!  (or you can just order them off Amazon)

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