Anyone else getting “Beetlejuice” vibes from this nearly million-dollar house?

The home of the Deetz family, featured in “Beetlejuice” Photo: Warner Brothers media

If you’ve ever watched 1988’s classic spooky comedy “Beetlejuice” and wanted to move into the home of the Deetz’s (the ghost-harassed family of the film), then a house is on the market that might be just for you.

Photo: MLS Now

As though taking a cue from Lydia’s step-mother who re-designed the old-style Victorian home into a uber-modern statement, this Chagrin Falls, Ohio home looks like a close cousin to the design of Katherine O’Hara’s character.

Photo: MLS Now

Going for a cool $975,000 (recently reduced from over a million!), this house (at 1 Valley Ridge Farm, Chagrin Falls) is over six thousand feet of tall walls, windows, false fronts and custom-built everything.

Photo: MLS Now

Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realty, who is listing the house, doesn’t give any warnings about shrimp cocktails coming to life, or a strict “Do not say ‘Beetlejuice’ three times” policy…but don’t rule it out, either.

Photo: MLS Now

What do you think? Is this the home of your dreams, or do you have a “Lydia reaction” (see photo below)? If you’re in love, you can check out the complete house listing here.

Photo: Warner Brothers Media

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