Aldi is selling green and alcohol-infused cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

Aldi’s limited edition line of Holiday products are usually pretty impressive.  We seriously can’t wait to try the Aldi St. Patrick’s Day cheeses.  They’ll offer 5 new cheeses in honor of the Holiday, including green cheeses and alcohol-infused.  I mean really, did we just find the pot of gold?

Aldi St. Patrick's Day cheese

Um, it appears we have.  Hearing green cheese might not immediately sound appetizing until you realize why.  One is infused with pesto and the other with sage.  They’ll offer Pesto Gouda and Sage Derby.  Other flavors include Irish Cheddar with Irish Beer and Irish Cheddar with Irish Whiskey. Because, let’s face it, it only makes sense to include alcohol something.  They’ll also offer Aged Irish Cheddar for the less adventurous.


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Each block of cheese is priced at $3.99 and was released in select stores on February 27th.