ABC Pediatric Therapy Network: Where Every Child CAN

"I believe every child CAN." - Diane L. Crecelius - Founder, ABC Pediatric Therapy Network

In this Cincy Weekend feature we visit ABC Pediatric Therapy Network, which has five locations in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. Known for their unique therapy method that employs a play-based approach to create an interactive and engaging experience for every child, ABC Pediatric Therapy Network is able to help your child with:

  • Behaviors and Tantrums
  • Speech Difficulties
  • Socializing with Peers / Adults
  • Gross and Fine Motor Development
  • Feeding Difficulties / Picky Eaters
  • Sensory Difficulties
  • Following Directions
  • Autism, Down Syndrome and other Diagnoses
  • And so much more!

CEO and Founder Diane L Crecelius says, “We employ experienced and capable occupational, physical, and speech therapists who use a number of methods to help children reach developmental milestones. We know that every child has different needs and different strengths, which is why we take a creative and unique approach to helping each child. Whether your child is behind on developmental milestones with mobility or speech or if they have Down Syndrome or autism, we can help. We also offer children’s therapy for kids who have difficulty with sensory processing and those with ADHD. Our goal is to help your child succeed, and with our help, you can expect amazing results.”

Visit for more information, or call (513) 755-6600