5 Great Spots For Chicken Wings in Cincinnati

Simple, yet difficult to perfect. Common, but with the ability to surprise you. Dangerously classic, with everyone trying their own unique take. Who can deny chicken wings? It's a classic American staple. The perfect food for a cold Sunday afternoon watching the game and hanging out with friends. Or maybe it's just midnight on a Tuesday where a longer-than-expected happy hour took you to your favorite sports bar. So if you're looking for a spot to dig in, here's 5 places we recommend.

Oakley Pub & Grill

A small and always interesting spot where it feels like everybody knows everybody. As far as the wings go, you can’t go wrong with their classic styles: bone-in or boneless with flavors ranging from classic mild buffalo to a unique dry rub. Stop in on a Monday and get them on special at 69 cents each.

Directions to the Oakley Pub

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Wild Mike's

Ask any westsider where to get the best wings and odds are you’ll end up at Wild Mike’s. Served in a literal bath of whatever sauce your stomach could desire, the wings here are pretty much undeniable and classic. You should probably grab a couple extra napkins too.

Check out their 3 locations on the west side.

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Chicken Wings

Northside Yacht Club

If you’re not on the “smoked” wings train yet, it’s time to buy a ticket. There’s no denying that it’s the new trend in kitchens and backyards all across the country. Here in Cincinnati, the folks at Northside Yacht Club are perfecting it. With an excellent house rub, you can check out unique flavors like sesame ginger, cilantro honey lime and if you dare, XXX Hot.

Bonus points! Are you vegetarian? Then you’ve gotta check out their Cauliflower “boneless” wings with all the same great flavors.

Directions to Northside Yacht Club

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Knockback Nats

Another spot with great smoked wings, everything amazing and uniquely American about a sports bar lives inside Knockback Nats. If you’re downtown before a game or just getting ready for a night out, the wings here will surely have you coming back for more. We recommend the Hot-BBQ mix, but they’re great plain too!

Directions to Knockback Nats

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The Oak Tavern

There must be some kind of aura around Oakley Square that produces top notch wings. Over at the Oak Tavern, you’ll find people throwing down on their highly praised chicken any day of the week. If variety is what you’re looking for, this is the place to go. All of their wings come dry with 6 different sauces served in a caddy on the side for you to try.

Directions to the Oak Tavern.

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Of course, there are even more great spots all over the Tri-State. Got a favorite place? Email us at info@cincyweekend.com.