5 Awesome Gingerbread House Kits!

Disney Frozen ll Ice Castle kit

What’s included: This kit has everything you need to ‘Let it go’ and build the best ice castle in town. Inside you will find pre-baked gingerbread cookies, white icing, sprinkles, purple sanding sugar, blue color powder, paper pieces, candy snowflakes, piping bags and base clips!
How much: This product ranges from $12 to $19.95 depending on the store and shipping policies.
Where to buy: You can snag this freezing treat online HERE from Amazon for $19.95 OR check out THIS link from Big Lots to see if any castles are available at the stores in your area!
Also- check out Olaf’s Holiday Gingerbread Ice Hut!

Jurassic World Volcano cookie kit

What’s included: This one of a kind kit includes everything you need to take you back in time with the dinosaurs! There will be pre-baked cookies, star fruit packs, icing, dinosaur gummies, edible lava & rocks!
How much: The house ranges from $20.85 to $24.00 on Amazon, some including shipping and others not.
Where to buy: You can snag this kit online at Amazon!

Candy Land House kit

What’s included: You’re favorite childhood board-game comes to life in the name if gingerbread with this kit! The Candy Land kit includes pre-baked gingerbread pieces, pre-made icing, fruity gummies, candy stars, mint swirls, candy jewels, sprinkles, scene setters and a wonderful time!
How much: The house ranges from $13.99 to $24.00 on Amazon that includes shipping.
Where to buy: You can snag this kit online at World Market and Amazon!

Who-Ville House kit

What’s included: Don’t be a Grinch this holiday season! Enjoy bringing a Who-Ville house to life! Inside this kit you can find pre-baked cookies, icing, blue sanding sugar, gummies and more.
How much: The house is $22.10 online at Walmart.com.
Where to buy: You can snag this kit at Walmart in store or online HERE!

Gingerbread Lighthouse kit

What’s included: Build yourself a lighthouse on the coast with a sweet twist this holiday season! This kit includes, 8 pre-baked gingerbread lighthouse panels, presentation board, 3 colorful candies, white and red icing with bags and tips and of course a helpful instruction sheet if you want to use it!
How much: The house is currently on sale for $18.00, regular price = $30.00
Where to buy: You can snag this kit online from Belk HERE!

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