Storefronts to the Forefront: Bellevue, KY

Bellevue, KY (CINCY WEEKEND) - Community connections are forged by more than just neighborhood proximity. The connections that tie our neighborhoods together are found in the aisles of our favorite corner bookshop, at a table in a quaint restaurant, and in line at the local ice cream parlor. Oftentimes, these places exist in the heart of a community: a neighborhood business district. Communities and economies grow out of these places, and they must continue to thrive.

Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Regional Chamber are proud to partner together for Storefronts to the Forefront™, a new initiative designed to further strengthen our region’s many unique neighborhood business districts.

Thanks to the generosity of Duke Energy, designated businesses located in these eleven business districts: Bellevue, East Price Hill, Fort Thomas, Loveland, Ludlow, Madisonville, Milford, New Richmond, Norwood, Reading, and Walnut Hills will receive full access to membership at the Cincinnati Chamber, customized programming to help small businesses and entrepreneurs learn and grow, and new connections to businesses throughout the region. Storefronts to the Forefront will help promote these eleven business districts throughout 2022, encouraging people across the region to visit, shop, and get to know the storefronts that are the lifeblood of our local economy.