History of Loveland Castle: ‘They Make Movies About Guys Like This’

Each month in this Cincy Weekend feature, Cincinnati’s premier real estate agent, Jeff Williamson of Jeff Williamson Realty Group (Ownerland Realty), will take us on a tour of Cincinnati’s hidden gems. This month he takes us to the Historic Loveland Castle & Museum in Loveland, Ohio.

Jeff says, “The Loveland Castle is a perfectly unique place to spend an afternoon, where you can have a picnic in the garden, appreciate the medieval architecture, and possibly walk away with a ghost story of your own. It’s truly one of Cincy’s best hidden gems.”

Not only is Jeff knowledgeable about the Queen City, but also the Cincinnati housing market. As Cincinnati’s premier real estate agent, he’s able to help you buy and sell your home, whether you are a first timer or on your tenth home!

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