SANTA! Elf Monopoly is here to spread Christmas cheer

SANTA! Elf Monopoly is here to spread Christmas cheer

Everyone’s favorite classic board game is getting a festive Will Ferrell makeover.

That’s right, you can now order an Elf-themed version of Monopoly to play with your family just in time for the holidays.

Created by board game developer The Op, “fans of the classic holiday film Elf will be tickled pink as they travel down memory lane in the reimagined version of Monopoly.”

And don’t worry, all of the memorable quotes, characters, and locations are represented in the game.

For example, the six playable game pieces include Santa’s sleigh, a jack in the box, and a bottle of maple syrup, just to name a few. Chance and community cards have been renamed Christmas spirit and Christmas cheer.

And of course, all the railroad pieces had to be renamed after Buddy’s four favorite food groups – candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup.

You can find Elf Monopoly on The Op’s website retailing now for $39.99.

Even though it’s gone through a reimagining, it’s still Monopoly. That means you need at least an hour and between 2-6 players to play.

But something tells us you won’t have any trouble finding fans of the film to play this new version.