Cincy Cycleboat is a Pedal Pub on the Ohio River

‘We’re providing the most fun on the water, hands-down, in all of Southern Ohio.’ said Nick Blaszczyk, Owner of Cincy Cycleboat.

You pedal, the boat moves, and the captain steers. Your only other responsibility: having fun! And, don’t worry about getting caught downstream. The Cincy Cycleboat does have a motor which will get you safely back to the marina just in case your pedal-crew wears out or becomes preoccupied with the sights, laughter, and good-times!

You bring your own drinks, beer, wine, and food while Cincinnati Cycleboat provides the watercraft and the U.S. Coast Guard certified crew.

Owner, Nick Blaszczyk said he loves being on the water and he loves making people smile, which is why this is the perfect venture for him.

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