The Cincy Weekend Guide To: Pleasant Ridge

Here in Cincinnati, we're lucky to have a lot of vibrant neighborhoods on the rise. One that doesn't get as much attention as it should is Pleasant Ridge. Flanked by other popular areas like Kenwood, Norwood and Oakley, this neighborhood is a breeding ground for good food, good hangs and good people.

Here are our top 10 picks for things to do in Pleasant Ridge.

Everybodys Records

Find your favorite album at Everybody's Records

When it comes to Cincy record stores, Everybody’s is right at the top of the list. This place feels like it anchors the neighborhood: a seriously good selection of vinyl from pretty much every genre, reasonable prices and a super friendly and helpful staff. Every time you go in there you can pretty much guarantee that there are a couple gems in the midst. There’s a reason why this place has been in business for nearly 40 years and why any vinyl collector in the Queen City will tell you to come here. Dust off your turntable, stop by Everybody’s and look for a crazy rare Rolling Stones bootleg.

Everybody’s Records, 6106 Montgomery Rd

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Grand Central Delicatessen

Get a sandwich at Grand Central Delicatessen

If you read our totally mouthwatering guide to Cincy’s deli scene, you already know our feelings about Grand Central Delicatessen. They’re doing New York style sandwiches the right way, piled high with cold cuts and capped off with really good bread alongside a solid craft beer lineup. This place is perfect for a long lunch or brunch. If it’s on the menu that day, you better order the Big Palooka.

Grand Central Delicatessen, 6085 Montgomery Rd

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Grab a pint at Nine Giant Brewing

Nine Giant is the brewery you need more of in your life. They’ve always got great IPAs (including some really good New England style IPAs) on tap, but honestly they do every style justice. With a nice little scratch kitchen in the back, we recommend coming on a Tuesday for burger night, featuring a different burger every week. Bonus points for naming beers after Pavement and Wilco songs.

Nine Giant Brewing, 6095 Montgomery Rd

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Pleasant Ridge Chili

Be a true Cincinnatian at Pleasant Ridge Chili

As Cincinnatians, it’s pretty much required that we all have strong, gut-based opinions about which neighborhood chili spot is the best. At Cincy Weekend we’re all about spreading the love, which is why we want you to check out Pleasant Ridge Chili. If you’re from the neighborhood, you need no convincing. If you haven’t been, they’ve got all the chili classics and double deckers you know and love along with a really good diner breakfast. Make sure you bring cash, and while you’re there, keep an eye out for that amazing picture of Muhammad Ali from when he passed through.

Pleasant Ridge Chili, 6032 Montgomery Rd

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Queen City Comic and Card Company

Get lost at the Queen City Comic and Card Company

Another spot to embrace nostalgia in this neighborhood is the Queen City Comic and Card company. In addition to a huge selection of comics both vintage and new, they’ve got plenty of collectibles, baseball cards and more. Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea, someone just looking to get into comics or a serious collector, this is one of the coolest spots in town.

The Queen City Comic and Card Company, 6101 Montgomery Rd

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Channel your love for "the Shining" at the Overlook Lodge

Cincy? Darling? Light of my life! Yeah, we picked that quote from the Shining because the other one would just be too easy. The Overlook Lodge is a cozy spot for craft cocktails completely inspired by the classic Kubrick film. When they show films there, it’s basically the perfect date night. Check it out for yourself, just leave the axe at home.

The Overlook Lodge, 6083 Montgomery Rd

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Order a burger and a beer at the Gas Light Cafe

You may have seen them on our Cincinnati burger guide, and for good reason. The Gas Light Cafe is the perfect, simple and totally satisfying bar and grill good for any occasion. With the Gas Light burger clocking in at an affordable $6.75, pair that with one of the many local beers they have on tap for an easy, cheap and soul satisfying meal.

The Gas Light Cafe, 6104 Montgomery Road

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Molly Malones

Embrace your inner Irish at Molly Malone's

After your burger, head right across the street to one of the Queen City’s most beloved Irish pubs, Molly Malone’s. They just wrapped up a renovation not too long ago and it’s looking better than ever. This is the perfect place for an after work Guinness or 2 and an all out party on the weekend. Fun times will always be had at Molly Malone’s.

Molly Malone’s, 6111 Montgomery Rd

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Coffee Exchange

Order the latte at the Coffee Exchange

Yes, the headline is true: their lattes are some of the best you’ll find in our little corner of Ohio. What you might not know is that the Coffee Exchange also boasts a great wine, bourbon and beer list, making it another cozy, relaxed spot where you can grab a drink with a friend. Try one of their bourbon flights.

The Coffee Exchange, 6105 Montgomery Rd

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Casa Figueroa

Get your Latin fix at Casa Figueroa

When it comes to Pleasant Ridge, Casa Figueroa is the new kid in town and they’re already super cool. With a colorful house and giant mermaid mural on the side of Everybody’s next to it, there’s no way you’ll miss this Latin food spot. It’s a little fancier than some other Latin spots, but definitely delicious. Diners love the tacos, margaritas and the salsa rojo if you get chips. We recommend the casadilla or baja fish tacos.

Casa Figueroa, 6112 Montgomery Rd

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