Zen and the Art of Laser Tag

"As you put that vest on you almost feel like you're becoming something different, a different person. Maybe not so much an escape, but perhaps a window."

Laser Tag is simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. Somehow, between those contrasting characteristics exists a magical, neon world of aliens, zombies, graffiti, and post-apocalyptic war games.

Many of us remember having our living rooms and backyards transformed into imaginary battlegrounds as children, but most have not stepped into a purpose-built laser tag arena. Especially not one like the two-story combat zone at Scene75 in Milford, Ohio.

Army veteran Curtis Paskins, who is a game technician at Scene75 in Milford, tells us why Laser Tag is his favorite attraction and why it means so much to him.

Click here to plan your visit to Scene75.

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