White Castle Partners with Uber Eats to Expand Delivery and Give Away up to 1 Million Free Sliders to Cravers

White Castle will be giving away up to 1 million Original Sliders, in quantities of 10 per customer. Craving customers should act now, as the free “slider-tunity” will end once 1 million sliders have been given away, or on August 31, 2019.

White Castle today announced a new partnership with Uber Eats, offering online ordering and delivery to Cravers near more than 330 White Castle locations. Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of beloved film classic, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, White Castle and Uber Eats will be giving away up to 1 million Original Sliders – one 10 sack per customer (small order fee may apply on orders of less than $10) – to Cravers with their order through the Uber Eats app using promo code 1MILLIONSLIDERS beginning on July 30. The fast-food chain is also offering a new Harold & Kumar meal reflecting pricing from 2004 when the film was released. The meal is available to Uber Eats customers on July 30 and 31 and includes 30 Original Sliders, five small fries and four 21 oz. soft drinks for just $23.40.

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