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White Castle giving away free sliders Wednesday

Feeling the Crave? Wednesday is National Slider Day and customers across the country can get one free slider and a free small drink to celebrate.

“At White Castle, we take tremendous pride in the 2×2 inch sliders we’ve been serving and perfecting for nearly 100 years,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “We invented National Slider Day as a special tribute to the fans who share that appreciation for the slider and share their Cravings with us. We hope everyone will have the opportunity to bite into a tasty slider on May 15.”

A coupon will be available on their website Wednesday. 

The offer doesn’t include doubles and is only good for May 15.

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Also, every Wednesday is “Western Wednesday,” offering customers the opportunity to enjoy two free limited-time BBQ Original Sliders with any purchase when they wear their wild west apparel to a restaurant.

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