Wall-to-wall beer cans…you have to see the Budweiser House!

(Source: Realtor.com)

Sometimes you just love something so much you want to be surrounded by it. That’s how one South Florida man feels about his best Bud(weiser). He spent years turning his condo in a shrine of his favorite hoppy brew, decorating it wall-to-wall with, you guessed it…beer cans! Now, this eclectic condo is for sale. The “House of Budweiser” was recently listed for $100,000 and went into escrow following a bidding war.

(Source: Realtor.com)

The two bedroom, 2 bathroom space is covered floor-to-ceiling in Budweiser cans. The only spaces in the 815 square foot property that aren’t covered are the bathrooms. Sweetening the deal, Budweiser has offered to stock the fridge with the condo’s namesake beer for the new owner. That’s as long as they keep the canned décor! To accept the award, the new owner or realty group just needs to comment on Budweiser’s social media post about the giveaway and prove ownership. Beer lovers rejoice! This could be your dream home! Click here to see the full listing.

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