Three tips for growing great roses

We asked the Grounds Director at the Gardens of the American Rose Center for some tips to keeping roses looking their best.

Caring for roses doesn’t have to be a prickly situation. Don Morgan, the Grounds Director at the Gardens of the American Rose Center in Shreveport, offers these tips for growing great roses. Following these simple suggestions will keep your rose bushes happy and blooming during the hot Southern summers.

Tip 1 – Pruning

Prune from the inside out. Leave some space around the stems so air can circulate. This will help your roses to grow. Pruning this way can help dry the petals and leaves to prevent mildew, fungus and diseases that could damage your bush.

Tip 2 – Watering

Roses usually need about an inch of water a week. Morgan suggests checking out the leaves of the plant: “If your leaves start to turn yellow, just reach down and grab you a handful of soil that’s around your roses.” If it feels wet, then you might have over-watered. If it’s dry, then water the roses.

Tip 3 – Deadheading

This happens when the rose flower starts to die and turn brown around the edge. Clip the rose off at the first set of leaves below the flower. Doing this will encourage new buds to begin growing. Snip to high from the first set of leaves, then you might end up with a brown stick and no new growth.

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