The Best Amazon Halloween Costumes For Your Pets

Time is running out to find your furry friend a fabulous Halloween costume. So, we rounded up some of Amazon’s 100 best sellers to help you get an idea of what’s in store. And the best part…none of these costumes break the bank!

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Here’s a few tips when ordering your pet a Halloween costume:

  • Always consider the shape of your animal, not just the size of the breed.
  • Look at the pet size chart and sizing instructions.
  • Always read reviews.

10 Halloween costumes for your pets

Yoda from Star Wars

Remember when Baby Yoda broke the internet not to long ago? Well, now we present to you, Puppy Yoda. With fake foam arms and the iconic Yoda ears, this costume will be a fan favorite!

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Wizard from Harry Potter

Summoning all Harry Potter fans. This Halloween costume includes a red and yellow tie and the iconic circular glasses that will have your pup looking like a wizard.

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Olaf from Frozen

Do you want to build a snowman, or dress your dog up as one? This Olaf-inspired Halloween costume is perfect for Frozen fans. The costume includes the Olaf headpiece and a “step-in suit with attached arms.”

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A Lion

This is the perfect costume for the larger dogs. Transform your playful pup into the next “king of the jungle” with this lion mane costume.

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UPS Delivery Dog

This is a fitting costume for all the pups who bark when a delivery driver comes to the door. Not only will your pup receive an adorable UPS hat, but they will also get the classic brown uniform and a little brown box.

Beanie Baby

This costume is perfect for the dogs who prefer a simple costume. Make your pup a life-size Beanie Baby with a red TY heart tag that attaches right to the collar.

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Teddy Bear

Turn your fluffy friend into a walking teddy bear. This Halloween costume comes with a “step-in hoodie” and padded arms.

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USPS Mail Carrier

Another pup in uniform. This Halloween costumes comes with a USPS ball cap, the classic blue uniform and a USPS priority mail package.

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This is the perfect costume for all of the sushi lovers. This Halloween costume includes a piece of nigiri sushi and a headband.

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1950s Pup

A Halloween costumes that will take you back to the 50s. This pet costume includes a striped shirt, pink poodle skirt and a pink bow.

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