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Taglio Is Putting A Cincy Spin On ‘Detroit Style’ Pizza… And It’s Seriously Delicious

Taglio is putting a Queen City spin on the Motor City staple.

When it comes to Cincy pizza shops, Taglio in Columbia-Tusculum is definitely the new popular kid in school. Open for only a few years now, they’ve already expanded and developed a die-hard fan base. While all of their pizza is great, we think one specific style is worthy of some serious hype.

Detroit Style.

If you don’t know already, Detroit style pizza is defined by a couple key traits: rectangular, deep dish and flanked with a caramelized cheesy crust, made famous by legendary shops like Buddy’s Rendezvous.

So how did this Motor City Staple make its way to Porkopolis? We stopped by the Taglio kitchen find out.

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