Sonder Brewing Releases Orion-Inspired Giga Coaster Lager



Photo Courtesy of Sonder Brewing

Sonder Brewing has crafted a Kings Island Orion-inspired Giga Coaster Lager in celebration of Kings Island’s newest roller coaster.


Sonder’s Giga Coaster Lager is described as, “an approachable lager brewed to be enjoyed by craft beer fans, light lager drinkers, and everyone in between. It’s lightly hoppy, very crisp, and has a very clean finish. It’s a great beer for a hot day at the amusement park during lunch or dinner, in between rides, or while you’re waiting for the kids to ride their favorite attraction.” Kings Island’s Executive Chef James Major says, “We’re proud to collaborate with Sonder Brewing, a local brewery deeply rooted in both our community and our business,” and continued “Together, we’ve crafted a truly one-of-a-kind craft beer that’s both light and refreshing – it’s going to send your taste buds for a ride.” The initial release of this beer will be in cans and draft at Kings Island, and in the Sonder Brewing taproom, located at 8584 Duke Boulevard in Mason beginning Friday July 31st.

Photo Courtesy of Sonder Brewing

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