Show Off Your Stash: Shake It Records

It's like walking into a Cincinnati music museum

“Show Off Your Stash” is an ongoing series where local record stores show us their craziest, rarest, coolest and most valuable vinyl records.

Shake It Records is pretty much a museum of Cincinnati music memorabilia. Even though we know that they’re one of the most well-known record stores in the region with a selection that’s always good, we were still speechless when we saw what was in the back room.

Co-Owner Darren Blase lets us look at some of their most valuable and priceless albums, each one holding a unique story and a hefty price tag (what, you thought you were gonna get that Slim Harpo acetate on the cheap?)

Keep an eye out for upcoming “Show Off Your Stash” videos featuring Everybody’s Records, Another Part of the Forest and Plaid Room Records.

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