Meet The Middletown Man Living Inside A Haunted School

He says there's ghosts afoot, now see the tapes for yourself.

Darrell Whisman has always been a skeptic.

I mean, put yourself in his shoes:¬†who wouldn’t be skeptical when you and your wife decide to move into an abandoned school in Middletown? But what happened after that would probably send anyone running.

“There’s a ghost in there, man.”

Next thing you know, there’s a team of paranormal investigators at your door. Then another group. Then another.

This is how Poasttown was born.

Flash forward to 2018. Darrell Whisman is still there, with plenty of stories to tell and tapes to show. We stopped by to take a tour and see it for ourselves. Are ghosts real? Do spirits really follow you? See our findings, and judge it for yourself.

Just remember his saying, “when you leave, you believe.”

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