People are trying the ‘World’s Strongest Coffee,’ see where you can, too

It’s no secret that work days are hard to deal with, but maybe Black Insomnia Coffee can help out with an extra boost. That is – if you’re up for the challenge.

Dubbed “the world’s strongest coffee”, a single cup contains 736 mg of caffeine. On average, 8 ounces of coffee contains between 70 and 140 mg, per Healthline. It’s about five to ten times stronger than your normal cup, so this may not be for people who already get jitters with a regular cup of joe.

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A one pound bag of Black Insomnia Coffee sells for $19 on The product is described as having caramel, hazelnut and macadamia aromas on top of a luxurious dark chocolate flavor. The product has received nearly 100 views with one reviewer pointing out it’s “chocolate-y” flavor.

Another reviewer wrote, “I didn’t have a heart attack but my heart was racing and got me to do god like miracles.”

Source: Black Insomnia Coffee,

Coffee lovers should be aware that this brand of coffee isn’t meant to be brewed multiple times a day.

“Rapid consumption of around 1,200 milligrams of caffeine” is where things start to get dangerous – so sticking to a cup or less is the safest bet, though your reaction can vary based on weight, medications taken regularly, and individual sensitivity, the FDA says.

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