NFL Game Pass is now FREE during the COVID-19 outbreak

If you’re a sports fanatic like me, and you’re really struggling without SOME sort of sporting event to watch, the NFL just came through with a little bit of relief.

Starting now, you can get an NFL Game Pass subscription for FREE.  The subscription ends May 21, 2020.

NFL Game Pass Free

I went through the sign-up in less than three minutes, and I didn’t even have to put in any credit card information. You just create an account, select your username and password and boom, you’ve got all the football you can handle right at your fingertips.

You’ll gain access to tons of awesome NFL original content, like “Hardknocks,” “A Football Life,” and my personal favorite, “Sound FX.”  I’ve always loved hearing players mic’d up out on the field!

You can also re-watch ANY and EVERY game, both regular season and playoff games, all the way back to 2009.

Are you a real football junkie? Break down both sides of the game with stars of the NFL in the NFL Game Pass Film Session.

While we may not be able to get any live sporting events for a while, this will definitely help out with the drought.  Thanks NFL Game Pass!

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