Need Hamilton tickets? The Aronoff only has a few left!

All you “Hamilton” fans rejoice! You MIGHT be able to snag some of the few tickets that are left..

The Cincinnati Arts Association released a small number of tickets to the musical’s February through March run over the past few weeks. The tickets range in price from about $200 to $500 online.

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The show sold out quickly the first day tickets were released weeks ago.

For those who don’t know, “Hamilton” is the ground-breaking musical rendition of the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. It blends hip-hop, jazz, rap, and more through a score and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Tickets going fast

At the time this article was first published, a few dozen tickets were still available. [UPDATE: A small number are still available online.]

The organization said more tickets will be released in the coming weeks but there will not be much notice. CAA agents said people should sign up for their newsletter or check daily to see if any have been released online.

Click here for the CAA tickets page to see if any are left.

Beware of third party sellers. Tickets may be extremely expensive and could be fraudulent.

Planning Your Trip

If you are going to the show, expect large crowds Downtown.

Plan for traffic near and around the Aronoff Center and locate a parking garage or lot ahead of time.

You also might want to arrive early. Parking will be sparse near showtime.

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Make dinner reservations ahead of time as well if you plan to grab a bite before the show.

Finally, arrive at the theater at least 20 minutes early and expect lines.

Doors are generally held for the first number, but latecomers will have to wait at the door until after the first song.