Ma’s Meatball Sub: A ‘Best of Taste’ Family Recipe

Adena's Beefstroll Food Truck serves up an award-winning, Chicago-style meatball sub, here in the heart of Cincinnati.

2018’s Taste of Cincinnati brought with it the acclaimed Best of Taste Awards. When the winners were announced Adena Reedy was overcome by tears of happiness, thinking “That’s my family’s recipe!” The recipe for what is now titled ‘Ma’s Meatball Sub’ began as a staple in Adena’s great grandmother’s kitchen, which she passed down the bloodline, mother to daughter.

Together with her husband, daughters, and parents Adena has kept her eye on the prize and the rubber on the road as they take the authentic Italian flavors of Chicago to the streets of the Cincinnati area. Adena remarked “The best part of running the food truck and being able to make my family recipes is being able to work with my family.”

Adena’s Beefstroll Food Truck certainly isn’t a one-trick-pony, as from its window was also served the 2018 Best of Taste Food Truck Appetizer, The Stroll. Both of these items are on the regular menu and awaiting your discerning taste buds.

Click here for more information, most importantly where you can find Adena’s Beefstroll!


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