Comedian Mark Chalifoux Shows What Goes Into Writing And Performing Stand-Up

The incredible sets, horrible bombs and everything in between.

Wanna see these jokes in their final form? Check out Mark Chalifoux’s debut album “Think Fast” on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you buy comedy albums. 

Mark Chalifoux is a straight-up joke machine. He’s been on Fox, IFC, Bob & Tom and so much more. If you’ve seen him at Go Bananas Comedy Club or any of the open-mics and showcases around Cincinnati you probably already know that. What you probably don’t know is what exactly goes into that hilarious stage time.

We went into this video with a very specific goal: to show exactly what it’s like to write, workshop and perform stand-up comedy with a serious focus on all the highs and lows that come with it. With Mark Chalifoux, the result was a seriously funny look at the absurd world of comedy and why exactly he chose to buy those New Balance dad shoes.

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