MadTree Brewing launches new look ahead of Winter Bonanza 2019

Big things are brewing in Oakley as MadTree celebrates its sixth anniversary amid some sweeping changes at the brewery.

Before we talk about the changes, we need to talk about the Winter Bonanza bash. The party is back and bigger than ever this year.

“The Winter Bonanza is the time we get to share our love of craft and community,” MadTree co-founder Brady Duncan said via a release. “You get to drink some really creative beers, eat some amazing food, while watching fantastic bands. It’s just really cool to see everyone coming together.”

Bonanza Bash

The celebration of big beers will kick off at noon on Saturday, Feb. 16 and features specialty beers from MadTree and friends, as well as a host of free bands. A big feature this year is a free show from indie rock’s BANNERS from Liverpool, UK.

There will be over 50 different beers pouring at the party, plus MadTree’s gluten-free 42 Mile hard cider and Scratch Mule craft cocktail.

A render of MadTree Brewing's new logo and messaging.
A render of MadTree Brewing’s new logo and messaging.

To make sipping your favorite brew easier this year, all beers will be $6 each for the different pour sizes depending on what beer, cider or cocktail you pick.

It’s also your first chance to check out the redesigned PsycHOPathy, Lift, and Shade cans — more on that later.

MadTree will be making full use of their 2.0 location, and even adding a beer garden with heated tent, and making their private event spaces available. Free parking is available at MadTree and the nearby Oakley station, but large crowds are expected. MadTree organizers said pets will not be permitted due to the crowds.

[Word to the wise, this party is BIG so be prepared to use a ride share or check about parking before you go.]

Check out the MadTree Specialty Beer list:

  • Cuvée 6th Anniversary: a special blend of Cabernet BA Rubus Cacao, OKI BA
  • Axis Mundi, Dickel BA Boone, Heaven Hill BA Yes! Cuban B!, Old Forrester BA Dead Flowers
  • Cinq: 5th Anniversary (2018) Brett BA saison with Syrah Rose grape juice
  • BBA S’more Gratitude imperial stout
  • BBA Ye Olde Battering Ram black barleywine
  • Boysend The Wood – (2018) Belgian ale with boysenberries and lime juice added, aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces and L.brevis
  • WBA Dissentience – (2018) brown ale aged in rye whiskey barrels
  • Joon – (2018) Kölsch aged in gin bourbon barrels with juniper and ginger
  • Red Wine + Bourbon BA Rubus Cacao – (2019) chocolate raspberry stout aged in Cabernet and bourbon barrels

Plus MadTree will start tapping these guest beers at Noon:

And it wouldn’t be a bonanza without music and food. Here is the band list and the special food vendors:



A New Look

Now let’s talk about the OTHER big thing going on at MadTree. After several years rocking the same designs they started with, the brewery is making a change.

MadTree has a new look for their cans and they’re rolling out new looks for PsycHOPathy, Lift, and Shade cans to start.

A render of MadTree Brewing's new packaging designs.
A render of MadTree Brewing’s new packaging designs.

You’ll start seeing the new cans and the new packaging rolling out in March. The brewers said the new look is part of a “brand evolution” that focuses on the their “purpose, vision, and values.”

Customers will still see those iconic original illustrations from local artists, but the cans will have a more cohesive, unifying design. The company said the new cans will be “unmistakably MadTree on the shelf.”

Core Products

That new look comes with a new lineup as well. PsycHOPathy (an IPA) and Lift (a Kolsch) will be joined by Shade (a blackberry tart ale with sea salt) as MadTree’s new core products.

“The legacy can designs were unconventional and stopped consumers with their bold, bright designs when first launched,” said Emily Chapel, MadTree marketing director, via a release. “But the messaging and facing standards became confusing as the market has grown and become more crowded. The cans weren’t telling the MadTree story.”

A render of MadTree Brewing's new packaging designs.
A render of MadTree Brewing’s new packaging designs.

Customers who look closely will see nods to MadTree’s WWII-era airplane hangar that houses their brewery. Other elements include a new brand color and independent craft brewer seal, as well as the tagline, “Inspiring madness. Rooted in purpose.”

The brewers said the message captures their mission to “be continuously creative with a focus on quality while making sure the brewery is more than just a beer factory. They remain as committed as ever to being a vibrant community partner.”

Your first chance to get the new cans will be at the Bonana on Feb. 16. The cans should arrive on shelves in early March.

MadTree distributes its beers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Middle and Eastern Tennessee.