Lose Weight and Still Enjoy Everything Cincinnati has to Offer

Obesity is a combination of genetics, environment, exposure, and the 21st century.

After mentioning what a long winter it’s been, Dr. Adam Crawford of Figure Weight Loss remarked, “We’re all taking off our sweaters and coats, and we’re seeing the damage.”

With all of the sporting events, concerts, and new breweries popping up in Cincinnati, the summer season requires a routine and a confidence which allows us to have fun while still losing or maintaining our weight.

There may be more to consider than diet alone. For instance, you may need to become more active, or have your medical history reviewed, have your family’s medical history reviewed, and/or have genetic testing done, which is now used to discover roadblocks to weight loss.

“We need to get ready for the summertime because we live in such a great area.” says Dr. Adam Crawford. Figure Weight Loss prides itself on being a unique medical practice which specializes in one, and only one, thing. And, that’s helping people lose weight.

Dr. Crawford likes to say “As long as you want to, we’re going to show you how to.”, which is a very welcomed reassurance to many who seek their assistance.

Balance is the key, as it is with nearly every aspect of life. So, let’s find it. Even if we need to ask for help.


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