12 Labor Day facts you might not know

Labor Day is traditionally the unofficial end of summer and the start of fall. Many of us enjoy a three day weekend filled with shopping, cooking and relaxing. But do you know why we celebrate this holiday? Here are some Labor Day facts you can use to impress your friends.

1. Labor Day officially became a federal holiday in 1894.

2. The holiday recognizes the labor movement and all of the workers in the United States.

3. New York City held the first Labor Day parade in 1882. The parade still happens to this day (except for 2020 due to Covid-19).

4. Oregon was the first state to celebrate the holiday in 1887.

5. Labor Day is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many businesses offer special sales for the weekend.

6. President Grover Cleveland supported September having Labor Day instead of May and signed the bill into law.

7. Waffle House opened their first restaurant on Labor Day 1955.

8. What’s the deal with wearing white after Labor Day? According to emilypost.com, About a hundred years ago, summer clothes were mostly white in color and used light fabrics. Since Labor Day signals the end of summer, most people would pack away their summer resort clothes as was the tradition. Some fashion police elitists started calling out those who wore white after Labor Day. And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.

9. There’s debate on who came up with the idea for Labor Day. Research and records show two possible candidates who claim they created the holiday: Peter J. McGuire who was the co-founder of the American Federation of Labor and New Jersey machinist Matthew Maguire.

10. Canada was the first country to celebrate the holiday in 1872.

11. The whole weekend is full of holidays. The Saturday before is International Bacon Day, and Labor Sunday focuses on the spiritual and educational parts of the labor movement.

12. Virginia had a law on the books prohibiting schools from starting before Labor Day, so families could have one last long weekend for a vacation. Dubbed the “King’s Dominion Law” after the Virginia amusement park, it was supposed to help the tourism industry. It was overturned in 2019.

Enjoy your Labor Day with these facts! You’ve earned it!

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