Jungle Jim’s Monorail Up And Running, With A Destination. The Oscar Station.

Take a Ride on the Wild Side

We’ve all seen it. The monorail at Jungle Jim’s International Market. It’s right at the top of a long list of eccentricities that adorn this one-of-a-kind grocery. It is a landmark, a conversation starter, an impressive feat of engineering, and a local point of interest. Now, it’s also your aerial chariot, transporting you between The Oscar Event Center and the new Oscar Station.

The Oscar Station, at Jungle Jim’s Fairfield location, offers two distinct spaces to suit any event or experience. Indoors, you’ll find a large space of high exposed ceilings, decorative concrete floors, wood, brick and stone feature walls, and a distinct rustic and chic industrial atmosphere. Outdoors, The Oscar Station offers expansive, covered patio space attached to open grass areas that are limited only by your imagination!

The Oscar Station can be booked on its own or can be used in conjunction with The Oscar Event Center. Guests will love being transported between the two fantastic spaces via the monorail! Beer, wine, and catering are available for all events hosted at The Oscar Station and any event can be accommodated!

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